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Well, I sent her a text… Here it is… I’ll let u know if she responds

January 31, 2015

sooooo… i never actually got to call u a whore back then so here ya go…You’re a fucking whore.. Only a whore would be okay with secret phone calls and booty calls.. Remember that when u wear ur jersey to work and sport it around proudly! Cause we both know u had to fuck a married man for it. when u see gina playing with her tablet make sure she takes care of it cause mommy had to suck a lot of dick to get it.. guess you didnt love him toooo much tho huh.. cause the second the wife found out u were gone.. hahaha just like a hoe.. there for the sex and free shit but not when shit gets real.. I hope you find someone pathetic enough to love you because I want nothing more than another whore like you to fuck your man.. Fuck you for trying to play house with my husband and its fucking disgusting to bring my daughter into ur affair.. What a pathetic piece of trash to only think of urself and try to cement a relationship with my husband by bringing my daughter into it.. What kind of example is it exactly that ur setting for ur daughter?? I guess not the way I raise my daughter, some raise respectable women, others … well are like you..

Its cool tho… A whore is just gonna do what a whore does, spread her legs for gifts.

And i was upset at first that everyone knew at work but the way I see it now.. You work where everyone knows your a wanna be homewrecker whore! awkward for u! and then u move on to another worker!! fucking whore!


From → My New Forever

  1. somuchhurt permalink

    I sent several of these text to my whore but she was suppose to be my friend so mine had a lot more cuss words…I hate that whore and I have been hearing the karma bus is following her around…I keep hoping I will run into her in town but I never do
    She text my stbxh several weeks back asking him “don’t you have anything to say to me” and he didn’t respond and brought me the text so I call her from his phone and cussed her ass out and she was crying about how horrible she feels! I hate them both can’t wait for my divorce to be final so I can move on and start healing! Let me know if she says anything back to you

    • I will post the response if any.. And her texting ur hubby that was sooo NOT her feeling bad but her wanting him to feel something towards her. How disgusting! Im glad u made a decision on your future – divorce… I wish I could either forgive and move on already or divorce him, but neither choice seems to bring me comfort when i fantasize about both options.. Im not scared of being alone anymore, but Im just not ready to let go I think..

  2. somuchhurt permalink

    Exactly…that whore…if she felt so bad she would have text me! I have been a mess since that day just brought the hurt all over again! I hope you find some peace soon! I know all to well how you feel I went back and fourth on the divorce for so long!

  3. Reblogged this on scornedwifeblog and commented:
    I wonder if the “other woman”, “affair partner” or “whore” as Betrayedin2012 refers to her, has any sense of who she really is and what people think of her. My ex would just say we are all sad, pathetic , angry and bitter and need to move as he has told me several times. I guess that is how people who cause such wide-spread destruction cope. They close their eyes, (in the case of the other woman they open their legs), they blame us for our feelings and I think they actually think we are the ones who are the losers.

  4. I dont think she even realizes anything she caused or did. I could picture her asking for sympathy as if she was the victim thru all this. I needed to call her a whore and I actually felt a little relief after I hit send. Just like I finally got something off my chest.
    And yes, my husband says – ITS BEEN Two years- quite often.. yea two years, maybe its time for me to move on.. and I still would like to sue her if I found a lawyer willing to take the case. Whores really need to start thinking twice, they have NO repercussions for their actions and Im absolutely sick of that thought that she NEVER had to pay for anything she did.. she walked away with gifts and nothing for her changes.. I hope she walks around now wondering if people really think shes a hoe. I hope she thinks of me calling her a whore when that kid plays with that tablet.. If even for only a day I can for once be in her head reminding her shes surrounded by items she recieved for fucking a married man…-and that despite her denial she IS a whore..

  5. Good for you. It sums up what we all feel. Yes they know the pain they cause but they don’t care. If they can do it they can live with it. Hugs x

  6. Are you sure the whore gets cell signal underneath her slimy rock? Just a thought in case you are holding your breath waiting for a response!

    Hugs and good for you! You got to have your say. Gawd. I envy that!!

    • Well, i like what i wrote and no she hasnt responded. Im sure the reception is spotty in the whore cave.. I wonder what she thought but I have to say since I have hit send.. I have felt somewhat better. A weight is gone and Ive started working out again. I hate her and I hate my husband and I just hope for a moment of clarity to decide to stay or go. Either way she can go jump off a bridge or drive her car into a wall for all I care. Theres NOTHING she couldve replied with to plead her case for not being a whore and shes prov scaredshitless of me, at least thats what hubby eluded to back then saying I threatened her.. Eh.. Fuck with my family and there will be hell go pay. I wonder how I’ll react when I see her in person.. All I want to happen is I smile nicely and call her a whore to face. Not in a derogatory way, or mean, just as if I were saying her name. Because in my mind it is. And, almost a small dare for her to try me.. We’ll see.. some day I will be catching a plane somewhere and apparently the airlines hires and keeps whores..

  7. Good for you for sending her a text! If nothing else, you get to vent directly to the f-ing slut and let her know exactly what you think of her. Hope she’s not so self-righteous that she doesn’t “get it”!

    • Hahaha.. I like what I wrote and even if she for half a second has to think “im not a whore for getting a jersey” then fuck it, atleast I was in her head just once.. she can question herself or not.. But she did not have the balls to reply. And I have felt much better since..

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