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Home is where the hurt is

April 25, 2013

While my husbands life has changed minimally, he sleeps in the bed he left for a whore, he eats at the same table stays in the same house… yesterday shit got real.. he lost his job because of his affair, he denies that, but the story he tells me makes no sense and changes in parts and he swears he never said something that i remember ( hmmmm still gaslighting?? maybe…)
but shit got real yesterday.. the house phone, cable and internet got shut off.. i fear its the small beggining of all the things we are going to start losing.. water or electricity next?? but i left to my new job.. while he had to stay home with the two kids with not much to do on a cold evening.. i told him at least for once it wasnt me who had to be with them during another consequence of his actions and i left.. (of course my words were a tad harsher than that)…
im still angry and hurt.. work is helping with forcing me to get up look pretty and feel good and confident.. home is where the hurt is..

From → My New Forever

  1. Keep your head up!

  2. backfromtheedge permalink

    Of course, I don’t ‘like’ it, but you know what I mean x

  3. betrayalsurvivor1981 permalink

    You & yr H are still in my heart, on my mind & in my prayers! I hope you get an awesome therapist. {{HUGS}}

    • insurance paperwork got lost… still waiting.. not sure we’re gonna make it.. i’ve spent the past week mentalky preparing to leave and ive spent most of today trying to decide if i should move out alone until school is out then bring my kids with me to my moms..

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